Attracting top talent will be critical as firms recover in 2021. Having a hiring process that is focused on a positive candidate experience is THE best way for firms to win top talent. Although a positive candidate experience should always be a priority, many hiring managers are spread too thin resulting in candidates dropping out of the running. Those frustrated candidates can then damage your employer brand when they share their experience online and through word of mouth. Here are some tips for how to create a positive candidate experience.

Positive Interview Experience

Firms that take the candidate experience seriously, understand that the most important part of the interview process is the candidate. Treat job-seekers with empathy, dignity and respect so that people want to work for you. A good place to start is to update ambiguous job descriptions and simplify the application process. When it’s time for face-to-face interviews be sure to provide detailed directions to the office, send an itinerary, and highlight your mission, purpose and values. During the interview, remember that it’s a two-way conversation and you are trying to sell them on your firm and opportunity as well as get to know them as a person. Ask thoughtful questions and remember to listen attentively.

Clear and Regular Communication

The gap between the first interview and the job offer can be a tenuous time, which is why it’s important to provide candidates with status updates on a regular basis to keep them from being lured by other architecture jobs. Clear and regular communication is what can transform an average candidate experience into a positive one. There should be easy access to human consultation when needed to ensure support and a high level of responsiveness during the process.

Use Assessments Early

Skills and personality assessments can be effective screening tools when they are used in the early stages of the hiring process instead of at the end. It’s important to engage employees early and determine if they are a good fit, but they also help candidates learn more about the values and culture of an organization so they can decide if proceeding in the hiring process aligns with their career goals.

Mobile-First Experience

Mobile-first intelligent hiring platforms are becoming a necessity since 81% of Americans own a smartphone. A growing number of job seekers suggest that they would prefer applying to jobs using their phones. A mobile-first design not only broadens the talent pool, but also improves speed and engagement in the hiring process.

Since people tend to share positive hiring experiences with friends and family members, it can significantly impact brand loyalty and perception. Focus on creating a positive interview experience with clear and regular communication. Recent statistics continue to show that hiring needs to be adapted even further by leveraging mobile-friendly applications.


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