How to attract young talent to your firm.

Millennials are now the largest generation in the country. This has profound effects on hiring in the architecture and design industry. Many hiring practices are designed to appeal to baby boomers, but if companies want to succeed, they need to attract young talent to their firms. Emphasizing things like collaboration and work-life balance will appeal to younger professionals. Here are some tips to attract young talent to your firm.

1. Leave the Cubicle Behind

Millennials don’t want to be stuck in a cubicle all day. Many firms have redesigned their work spaces to be more open and inclusive. Young professionals succeed best when they can collaborate, so firms are emphasizing open-floor plans and communal spaces. To appeal to young talent, companies are also making their work environments more flexible. Young professionals grow bored when there is too much routine, so having a workplace that allows you to mix things up goes a long way.

2. Work-Life Balance

We often think the most important thing that factors into candidates’ employment decision are compensation and benefits, but study after study indicates that millennials care just as much about work-life balance as they do about their salary. Many young professionals are at the stage of their lives where they want to pursue other interests outside the office. Thus, work-life balance is a top priority. If you want to attract top talent, allow for flexible work hours and create work-from-home opportunities when possible.

3. Don’t Emphasize Uniqueness

We often try to sell ourselves as unique so we stand out against our competitors. However, most millennials aren’t looking for a features that are unique. They want features they believe should be in every architecture and design work culture. They want common features such as peer mentorship, challenging and engaging tasks, support, and a feeling of autonomy. Many firms need to re-think their approach to employee engagement and how the talk about this concepts in the large industry environment.

4. Stay Relevant

Millennials take jobs based on many things, one of which is the firm’s overall portfolio. They want to see development projects that are relevant and exciting. They want to work on popular restaurants, hip bars, contemporary hotels, and other projects that effect a city’s culture. Other are compelled to help others through design schools or hospitals. When putting together your company’s portfolio, think about how the portfolio showcases your company’s reputation and relevance. This is one of the best ways to appeal to young talent.

Now that millennials have surpassed baby boomers as America’s most populous generation, companies have to find new ways to attract young professionals. Focusing on work-life balance, mentorship, collaboration, and relevant design projects will help you appeal to millennials.


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