In his most recent post, Scott Rixon shares how differentiation can make or break your brand and how every interaction must be thoughtful and consistent.  

As DBI continues to grow both domestically and internationally, a priority that surfaces in our conversations is the concept of our brand, how the actions each of us take impact the quality of our brand, and what our service offers that others do not (why, in a business environment that is unforgiving of having the wrong person representing any facet of their firm, our service is so valuable to our clients).

This all feeds into the age-old concept of differentiation. Bob Borson from the blog Life of An Architect strikes at the heart of this concept with one of his recent posts on the intentionality he shows towards the graphic standards of CDs his firm creates. In his post Bob talks about consistency, always delivering the same product, regardless of team or client. His post also touches on the power of brand identity, Bob’s intent is that when his firm’s clients receive the drawings for their projects they will instantly recognize the source-firm that created those drawings.

We at DBI deliver a different service than Bob, but we strive to show the same intentionality that Bob describes in his post: whenever we pick up the phone, type an email, or send a carrier pigeon, we want to be on point with our clients so that they know we are there to partner with them, discerning and advocating for the best solution and developing tailored recruiting strategies in a business environment where it is becoming increasingly difficult to win the talent necessary to compete. With candidates we do the same, our candidates know that we are partnering with them to foster growth and to aid them in discerning what the next step is in their career.

If you would like to read Bob’s full post, you can find it here.