retain great talent

One of the most challenging aspects for any business is attracting and retaining the right talent. Often a firm will spend weeks trying to find the right person to hire only to have them leave three months down the line, or worse yet, three years after you have trained and developed them. Here are some tips to help you retain great talent once you’ve found them.

Put Them on an Interview Team

One way to improve retention is to give employees a chance to be on interview teams. Participation in bringing on the next hire helps them feel more involved in the company’s decision-making and gives them a vested interest in seeing the company succeed. By sitting in on interviews, they gain intimate knowledge of the company and its missions, strengths, and values. The employee will feel more connected to the company, and, thus, will want to stay and grow with the organization. It’s not only a great learning opportunity but a way to increase motivation and loyalty.

Send Them to Industry Events

Another useful tactic that can help with retention is sending valued employees to industry events with specific goals in mind. For example, you might have them meet with a suggested number of industry experts. Industry events are an ideal place for employees to learn about the marketplace, develop new skills, network, and connect with potential clients. They also have the ability to truly represent you firm by being an advocate to others.

By sending your talent to industry events, you show them that you trust them enough to let them represent the company, and you show them you care about their career development. This is a great way to build trust and loyalty between you and your employees.

Give Them a Safe Place to Fail

By giving your employees a safe place to fail, you can make them feel more comfortable succeeding. When they know they can experiment and try new things with less risk, they will be able to improve themselves. This ultimately increases productivity and achievement. Mistakes are part of the learning process. If your employees aren’t free to make mistakes they will never get better. Providing a safe place for them to fail takes some of the pressure off them and will provide them with an environment conducive to personal and professional growth, which in turn, will make them want to stay with your company.

Recruiting talent that sticks around is no easy task. Unemployment is low. This means employees are more willing to leave a job if they are unhappy. They know they can find a different job without much stress. Putting your talent on interview teams, sending them to industry events, and giving them a safe place to fail are a few ways you can improve retention.


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