Hospitality Design

DBI has been retained by the preeminent hospitality design firm in New York City hiring a Hospitality Design Leadership talent.  Leading design globally, our client offers solutions to both architecture and interior design projects.

This firm’s understanding and perspective on the luxury hospitality world is unsurpassed.  Their work includes everything from entire resort planning and shell and core to truly inspiring interior design.

DBI wants to connect with the right talent who can enhance to interior design voice for this firm, doing so in a way that not only solves but enhance the client’s design challenge, meets the client’s budgets, etc.This Principal Interior Design role is for the established and confident designer who enjoys design and leadership.

Success in this role will be the ability to work as the design face and voice of this firm.This means being an active member in the hospitality industry.  The right candidate will be able to establish the interior design group as they wish.  There are leaders who will report to this role who are very knowledgeable and competent, their respect will need to be earned.

This role is responsible for almost have of this office.  This includes staff, production, projects, and revenue.  The right candidate will need to have an understanding of how to run a successful design firm.  This means being fiscally responsible, comfortable with business development and a great leader/mentor.

The right candidate will have their architecture license and a deep background in the Hospitality Industry.  They must be a strong designer as well so candidates who have been the owner or a principal in the past will be considered.

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.