Since DBI started in 2009, we have learned a great deal. One of the things we learned is that there are not many recruiting firms that exclusively support the architecture and interior design industry. Because of this, many firms don’t quite know how to best work with an outside agency nor do they know what to expect from a partnership with a firm like DBI.

We want to use this blog post to try to offer a simple answer to the question “We have staffing needs, how can we get DBI to recruit on behalf of our organization and what is it like to have DBI work with us?”

First, how can you start a relationship with DBI? Many of our clients come to us through business development efforts. These are relationship we have cultivated, as well as referral and from our large list of current clients. If you have not worked with DBI, and are reading this, congratulations! Knowing we are here is half the battle!

Now that you know there is a professional, passionate, and global recruiting agency that exclusively supports your industry, what is next?

Call us! Email us! Tweet, text or Facebook us! DBI believes that the new normal is interaction across all levels of media, social media, and even the phone. Here are our details:

Email- [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Phone- 888-774-9161

Text- 206-713-7791



Now, you have made the call/text/connection, what happens next? That depends on you! DBI understands that to be successful we must first listen. We strive to understand your complete goal and work with you to develop a strategy to achieve your goal. Each search is tailored to each client’s unique need. This means understanding your past growth, current situation, and strategic vision. Talent is the most important ingredient to a firm achieving its goals. DBI understands that as much as the right candidates can help a firm reach their goal, and beyond, the wrong candidates can do equal harm.

Every search starts with an individual recruiting strategy developed from DBI’s proven recruiting process, rooted in teamwork and measured against your bottom line.

Once we have an understanding of your hiring need, and how the new talent will enhance your firm, DBI goes to work. We have three goals we use to measure our success, they are:

1. To understand your firm holistically. As mentioned above, we work to understand you firm at every level. This lets DBI be a passionate advocate for your firm in the marketplace

2. To quickly leverage the understanding of your firm to identify top talent. DBI has three professional groups that work to fill your role. The first is Sourcing. Our sourcers scour the web, and other avenues, to identify hidden talent. Second is the Recruiter. This talented group leverages their great persuasion, assessment, and management skills to motivate talent towards your open role. The third is our Business Development team. This is your main point of contact, managing the entire project.

3. To be active and engaged throughout the process, ensuring a smooth process from kick off to the offer and placement. We do this through constant communication. We will touch base at least once a week, usually more, and will provide a weekly updates on all activity. This information is helpful in developing timelines for interviews and expectations around start date. It is also an invaluable forum for candidate feedback and real time adjustments to the search.

If you have a staffing need, or want to better understand the larger talent market, please contact DBI. We believe that finding the right talent is the best way to support the design industry. Let us share our passion with you.