For many of the same reasons that professional athletes, actors, and authors hire agents, when it comes to finding the best talent on the market for design jobs, partnering with industry-specific recruiters is your best bet. In addition to already having access to a roster of qualified candidates, here are some more reasons why short-staffed firms are reaching out to staffing agencies to fill temporary and full-time positions.

Here are a few reasons to build a relationship with an industry specific recruiter.

Gain a Wealth of Industry Knowledge

Design recruiters leverage their strong network of colleagues and resources to fill essential positions. If you’ve spent over three months searching for the perfect candidate and still haven’t found them, then you’ve probably exhausted your network and resources. An industry-specific recruiter already knows what free agents and passive candidates are on the market in your respective region. Plus, we take pride in keeping up with current events, trends, and leaders and sharing industry-specific news with clients on our website. It takes an exceptional approach to find candidates that will fit your company culture and know what it takes to succeed in the design industry.

Grow Your Professional Network

Who do you turn to when employees are sick, take a vacation, or accept another job offer with a competing firm? When an organization is understaffed, then other employees are usually overworked. It’s less of an issue for those employers that have worked with staffing agencies in the past because we already know your individual needs. Recruiters can help fill everything from smaller interior design jobs to hospitality design jobs that require multiple hires.

Speeds Up the Hiring Process

Consider consulting a recruiter if you don’t want to spend 20+ days searching for the right candidate. Unless you already have a search committee organized to manage the process (that often partners with staffing agencies anyway), you’ll want to consult an experienced recruiter if you need to hire for a time-sensitive project. You can rely on our deep talent pools to refer candidates in a fraction of the time. Finally, a recruiter is your best bet presuming that you don’t have enough time to complete the checklist of hiring responsibilities that range from writing strong job descriptions and screening candidates to checking references and scheduling interviews.

This industry revolves around both who and what you know, so it’s difficult to argue against the value organizations gain from working with industry-specific recruiters, especially when you’re short-staffed.


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