2017 is here and if you loved it or hated it, 2016 is gone!  As all of us here at DBI settle into the new year, we have some exciting goals ahead.  I am not a “resolutions” kind of guy.  I like to think of the year as a theme.  Last years was Book Worm.  My goal was to read more books, educational, fiction, it did not matter.  I learned a lot and discovered some new writers I truly love.  The best book I read was Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman. Truly a must ready for anyone starting or growing a company.

For 2017 my theme is “Tending to the Temples”.  I am excited about this one. My temples are my firm, my home, and my body.

Regarding the temple of my firm, I am working through much of the ideas and changes made after reading Traction.   Some of the bigger ideas I am working on?  Delegating. I don’t have to do it all.  I have a great team who I trust and who impress me each day.  I need to let them grow through doing.

Process development and documentation were another huge project we tackled last year.  I am excited to stress test these processes in 2017, course correcting and enhancing as needed.

As for home, I am trying the 50/15/5 plan.  This is something I learned from my Fidelity broker.  It is easy, and that is why I love it.  50% of income goes towards essential expenses.  15% goes to retirement and 5% goes to short term saving.  It is easy to remember, easy to budget, and easy to do.

As for the body.  I am a strong runner but I have never run a half marathon (a marathon is for another year) so I am working and training to run in a half marathon by the end of the year.

What are some of your resolution or “themes” for the year?  2017 is a chance to start something new and make it a habit.  Get out there and do it!