One of my favorite areas of the country is North Carolina.  There is something about the people, the natural beauty and the food that makes it feel like home.  Unfortunately North Carolina is a five  hour plane flight from Seattle.

Thankfully I can now get North Carolina sent to me.  Cheerwine is now sold over the internet!  If you have not had Cheerwine I suggest picking some up as soon as possible.  This is the quintessential southern soda.  The taste is cherry cola but to me it is much more.  It is the Fourth of July, Glow bugs, cool grass and Bar-B-Que all in one gulp.

Cheerwine from North Carolina

The best part? No HFCS.

As you can see, the best part of Cheerwine is that it is still made with real sugar, no high fructose death syrup.

A case of Cheerwine

Get a whole case for the picnic.

You can get Cheerwine here.