Don’t Make Your Job Search a Full Time Job

Pace yourself! When you’re looking for a new job, pace yourself. The competition for architecture and interior design jobs is intense. Searching for new opportunities shouldn’t become your second full time job. Even though you might feel a sense of urgency to either leave your current firm, or reenter the workforce if you’re unemployed, spending too much time job-hunting can become overwhelming and lead to burnout. Here are some ways to keep your job search from being a full-time job.

Here are some tips to keep your job search in check.

Set a Schedule

It’s important to have a plan when you are looking for a job. Instead of making it a full-time schedule, set aside time for it each day. You could spend up to 25 hours per week searching for jobs if you’re not currently employed. If you are already working, you should limit yourself to less than 15 hours each week. Setting a limit will not only help you maintain focus and stay positive, but it also ensures that you still have time to enjoy other hobbies that will keep you motivated and refreshed. Also, it’s perfectly acceptable to take breaks when you’re looking for new opportunities. Just make the most of your time spent between jobs by staying productive through volunteering, learning new skills, or even freelancing.

Preparation is Key

From identifying interesting design jobs to filling out online applications, the process needs to be streamlined when you begin your search. Your preliminary job search could yield dozens of architecture jobs that interest you. Narrow that list down to the top five and proceed. An easy way to save time is by keeping all of your pertinent job data, personal information, etc. on a spreadsheet. Then, when prompted to enter your information onto an application, all you have to do is copy and paste. You can also save time by creating several versions of resumes and portfolio for specific niches you want to be considered for.

Leverage Technology

Unless you are already working with a design recruiter (which we recommend!), use job boards and application tracking apps to expedite and organize your job search. They enable you to stay focused by consolidating all of your prospects in one place. Review your applications on a regular basis so that you can see the progress and know when it’s time to follow up with an employer to confirm that they have all of your information.

Stay Balanced

Another thing that we can’t emphasize enough is balancing your time between networking in person and searching for jobs online. There are plenty of exciting jobs in architecture listed on job boards, but they also receive a high volume of resumes. Don’t underestimate the importance of making real-world connections. The connection to your dream job could be waiting for you at the next industry event!

Here’s your checklist for a prudent job search.

  1. Create a schedule that still allows you to enjoy other activities.
  2. Prepare. The more prepared you are during your job search the more efficient it will be.
  3. Track your progress using application tracking tools, and always maintain some balance between networking in person and searching for jobs online.


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