19 07, 2022

How to Stay Positive When Your Job Search Stalls

By |2022-07-20T09:30:32-07:00July 19, 2022|Job Search|

Many candidates say that searching for a job is much harder than the work itself. Always upbeat, you put in hours each week scouring job postings, applying for positions that seem like they could be a match, checking your phone to see who wants to reach out for an interview, and then going to those interviews. You even follow up with a personal thank you note.

12 04, 2022

3 Helpful Tips to Create a Stellar Job Offer

By |2022-05-01T18:12:46-07:00April 12, 2022|Job Search|

With more job openings than ever in architecture and design, firms are discovering that they are competing against each other for the same top talent. Recruiters who partner with design firms have observed, “There are a lot of openings right now, but they're just aren’t a lot of candidates. When [...]

19 10, 2021

Inspire Your Architecture Team by Putting Them First

By |2021-10-25T11:49:51-07:00October 19, 2021|Architecture, Blog, Job Search, Recruiting|

The architectural industry comprises talented individuals with creative minds. Companies must keep these innovative visionaries inspired and motivated at the highest level. Amidst real-life situations like deadlines, workload, schedules, and the pandemic, companies should invest time in self-reflection and motivation by prioritizing the architecture team. Keeping team members inspired results [...]

12 10, 2021

How to Discuss Compensation with Candidates in the Architecture Industry

By |2021-10-25T11:42:37-07:00October 12, 2021|Architecture, Blog, Job Search|

The past few years show a significant surge in compensation in the architecture industry. According to the AIA Compensation Report, the average salary in all architectural staff positions averaged upwards of $92,000 at the beginning of 2019, which is 6% more from 2017 levels. Statistics show this growth rate to [...]

5 10, 2021

4 Common Architecture Interview Questions You Need to Know

By |2021-10-25T11:48:42-07:00October 5, 2021|Architecture, Blog, Job Search, Recruiting|

You’ve recently been accepted to the interview round for the architecture job you’ve always wanted. The only challenge – in this highly competitive field, you may be only one of many candidates who will be interviewed for the same position. How can you increase your chances and impress the hiring [...]

28 09, 2021

Why You Should Use an Industry Search Firm

By |2021-10-25T11:47:31-07:00September 28, 2021|Architecture, Blog, Job Search, Recruiting|

 The significant differences between an executive search firm and a boutique INDUSTRY-focused search firm are a personal touch and a deep understanding of the work your firm does. Executive search firms are more prominent and have branches in different geographical locations. They also work across all industries and specialties. In [...]

23 09, 2021

Small Firm or Large Firm: Where Do You Fit?

By |2021-10-13T20:11:24-07:00September 23, 2021|Architecture, Blog, Job Search, Recruiting|

A common question that architecture recruiters get from candidates is if it's better to work at a large firm or a small business. The best answer that we can give is that they both have unique benefits, depending on your respective goals and values. We know that there are significant [...]

16 09, 2021

Is It Time To Leave Your Job?

By |2021-10-13T20:16:16-07:00September 16, 2021|Architecture, Blog, Job Search, Recruiting|

The current workforce trend is job hopping to leverage higher wages, but it doesn’t have a structurally sound leg to stand on in the future market. Company leaders suggest getting a new job may not be worth it if it sacrifices your ten or twenty-year planned achievements. However, the labor [...]

7 09, 2021

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring for Your Architecture Firm

By |2021-09-24T12:53:15-07:00September 7, 2021|Architecture, Blog, Job Search, Recruiting|

The future success of your architecture firm is always dependent on recruiting and retaining the best talent. In order to accomplish this, you really have to understand what today’s candidates value while avoiding the major hiring mistakes. In addition to negatively impacting your profit and loss statements, there are plenty [...]

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