Automation’s Impact on Architecture and Design

Home automation is a popular trend that’s growing in demand across the country. Technology can now be leveraged to control everything from lighting and climate to entertainment systems and appliances in both residential and business properties. These innovations continue to significantly impact our industry, especially when it comes to recruiting new candidates for architecture and design jobs. In addition to the traditional skills required to be successful in the industry, now you also have to be prepared to handle different aspects including automation. Let’s review some of automation’s impact on architecture and design and ways that technology is being used to transform interior spaces.


It’s certainly not uncommon anymore for homeowners to request additional technology in different areas of their homes where it traditionally wasn’t available. Conventional bathroom spaces are becoming more than just a place to meet your basic needs. Modern bathroom designs can transform them into voice-controlled rooms that provide many additional amenities and can significantly boost the value of your home. Now, interior designers can recommend and install features including smart mirrors, towel-warming drawers, smart showers, body dryers, and even smart flooring.

Lighting and Heating

Designers are also well versed in the energy-saving benefits of using automation for interior lighting and heating. Automated lighting controls are effective systems for limiting excess light around homes and saving energy. Getting just the right amount of light around their homes can be challenging for some people, so they invest in automated light control modules to help improve home security and personal safety. Similar technology is being used in homes to reduce unnecessary heating of empty rooms. Zone-based thermostats use motion detectors to activate heating systems when people enter and exit, and they can also be programmed to run at specific times during the day and night.


Robotics is yet another compelling trend spreading through architecture and design. It’s difficult to provide the comfort and flexibility that homeowners desire in many smaller spaces in major cities. But the advent of smart, motorized ceiling furniture is providing apartment and condo owners with more convenient options for storing large pieces like beds.

Interior design jobs are getting even more exciting thanks to automation and robotics. Designers have more tools available today than ever before. Recruiters are looking for the next wave of candidates that have experience designing spaces with smart devices and using writing robots like Scribit to draw images and texts on wall surfaces.


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