Interior Design Industry

The interior design industry is currently booming, with a growth rate of approximately 4.5%.  Outstanding growth!  In a competitive market like this, companies are constantly on the lookout for top candidates who are enthusiastic, qualified, and creative. Design firms continuously adapt to the industry’s fast pace and search for the most acceptable ways to entice skilled talent.

If you are in the interior design industry and seeking talent, then here are a few fool-proof tips on how you will attract top candidates to your design firm.

Make Your Brand Appealing

  • Define your design brand and make a lasting impression. Your company needs to be appealing before candidates can apply. Make sure that your online and social media presence is sharp and representative of all the good your business has to offer.
  • Candidates should see your mission statement and values. All the vital information regarding job positions should be stated clearly and easily accessible.

Create a Buzz

  • Posting a job description anywhere online will not attract the best candidates. Use popular sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn as well as sites native to the industry like the IIDA and ASID to create a buzz about your available positions.
  • Make sure to update all your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter about job openings and invite the job-seeking community to engage.

Show Genuine Interest

  • Qualified designers know their worth and want to work in a place where they are valued. The interviewing process is crucial, so make sure you are welcoming and professional. Conduct a comfortable and engaging interview.
  • Familiarize yourself with the candidate’s previous work and research the current job market beforehand to know what to expect.
  • Show genuine interest in their work by discussing their talent and how they could benefit your design firm. When candidates see that the company is taking the extra initiative, they feel more inclined to accept.

Provide a Stable Timeframe

  • Nothing is more frustrating than the waiting game after an interview. Many companies lose excellent candidates because they fail to respond in a timely fashion. Provide a timeframe and stick to it.
  • Speed up the hiring process. Qualified candidates will not hesitate to jump on to the next available offer.

Offer an Un-deniable Salary Package

  • Top designers know the specific market, so make sure you do not come under offer. In a high-demand market, designers have the upper hand to negotiate, so they offer wisely.
  • Showcase and highlight other benefits. Compensations show concern for the candidate’s wellbeing and make the firm stand out. So, jazz up the healthcare package, the happy hour, casual Fridays, retreats, and portray a well-balanced work life.

Invest in a Specialized Recruiting Agency

  • Spending a little extra on a recruiting firm can benefit in the long run. These professionals understand the industry-specific needs of your company and can ensure that they find the right fit.
  • A talent search firm knows where to look for targeted audiences as they have a vast network of connections and online postings where they can look for top candidates.

It can be challenging to navigate and find skilled talent suitable for your firm in high demand and a competitive market. On a positive note, be assured that there is talent out there under the sun. The key is to find it.

With just a few extra precautionary steps and being prepared, an interior design firm can successfully attract many top candidates and make them a part of their creative family.

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