The recruiting and onboarding process should always be a priority regardless of your industry or your firm’s size. As firms start to rebuild or grow, the battle for talent is resuming. It is often a knee-jerk reaction to think that money is the key to finding the right talent. In the coming battle for talent, this is not the case. Fortunately, candidates in the post COVID market prefer other rewards, like making positive impacts in the world, and working in more diverse environments. Here are some strategies that can help you attract more candidates to your growing firm.

Provide Clear and Compelling Job Descriptions

Telling your firm’s story is paramount in getting great applicants to connect their skills with your firm’s values. Candidates want to know about your company, what you offer and how you’re unique from every other firm. Design your job description so it clearly reflects your needs along with your firm’s personality. Here are some things that candidates should learn from reading your job description: company culture, company mission, compensation, company growth, job details and qualification. Modern job descriptions are also mobile-friendly and should promote social interaction. More recently, a growing number of hiring managers are inspiring more candidates to apply by creating videos that highlight the perks of working there.

Emphasize Learning and Development

Providing career growth and development opportunities is essential to attracting and retaining top talent for design jobs. The best candidates want to work for firms that empower them to learn fresh skills and confront new challenges. A good place to start is to provide employees with clear and individualized career paths during the onboarding process. Then, you can really focus on promoting a transformative learning culture with internal marketing, executive sponsors, reminders, etc. Now learning is different from training. For instance, a learning program encourages individuality and freedom, whereas training is more about control and conformity.

Demonstrate Work-Life Balance

Growing firms can’t always offer high-paying jobs and lose some candidates to the bigger firms. This leaves some business owners wondering how to compete, but there are still some strategies that can help you attract more candidates. First, you have to find the benefits that job seekers value the most. Remember that these benefits can vary greatly between generations, location, and even skill set. Some benefits that are trending now include flexible hours, more paid time off, remote work options and student loan assistance.

Throwing money at talent to attract them to you firm is no longer the most effect hiring tool. There are new tools and strategies when it comes to attracting top talent. You just have to know what candidates value today.


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