Is There a Better Architecture and Design Job?

Do you have career FOMO? You should!

FOMO (the fear of missing out) is often thought of as a bad thing, but for anyone interested in a career change, FOMO could yield great rewards in this market.

Do you want a more challenging job? Do you want more money, a better commute, or better co-workers? If so, now is the time to seek out the position of your dreams. Now is the time to find a better architecture and design job. And if a firm does not have it, they might create it for you.

How do you know you’re ready to find a better architecture and design job?

There’s never been a more opportune time to use your FOMO to find a better architecture and design job.

How can you tell if you’re ready to look beyond your current position?

  1. You take on new projects, thinking that each one could be “the one” that catapults you into fame.
  2. You accept more work than you can handle to push yourself toward your dream role.
  3. You think about work all the time, whether with the family or just having lunch away from the firm.
  4. You compare your career trajectory to your colleagues on LinkedIn, wondering if you’re doing enough.
  5. You stress about getting left out of important decisions and not attending professional conferences that could help you expand your experience and network.

The better job you’re looking for could be at another firm or the one you’re employed with now. If you love the firm you work with, consider taking on a different role in the company.

Make your career FOMO a favorable condition of your job              

You can launch a new career by harnessing the power of FOMO in your current position. Capitalize on your FOMO in these ways:

  • Take on challenging projects. You’ll be more engaged in the process, and you’ll likely acquire new skills that you can add to your resume.
  • Avoid believing everything you read on social media. Just as you try to put your best foot forward and reveal the most exciting parts of your life on these platforms, so does everyone else. What you see isn’t reality – for you or them.
  • Give yourself permission to do what you can in a single day. There’s always tomorrow for the rest of your work. Try to limit and tendency to overbook yourself.

Even though you’re busy, it’s worth putting your resume together, working with a design recruiter and seeing what this market has to offer. Now is the time to define what you want and how much your salary should be and go get it.

Take the chance: apply at your dream firm for the job you’ve always wanted.

Lean into your FOMO!

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