New Benefits, Who This? Architecture and Design Firms Are Improving Perks

Securing a decent salary was once the primary goal of many designers and architects who wanted to put their creativity to good use.

Even today, new architects may be so eager to get that first job that they might not discuss the other perks that come with working at a firm. They’re too excited about the numbers in the salary.

However, salary is no longer the main carrot attracting designers and architects to firms. Architecture and design firms are upping perks in ways that make top talent take notice, and you should, too.

4 Ways Architecture and Design Firms Are Improving Perks 

Architectural firms are taking care of their employees, looking out for their interests now and in the future.

  1. Wellness. Healthy employees perform better at work. Some firms now pay their architects an additional small stipend for walking or biking to work, or they cover the gym membership cost for their employees.
  2. Insurance. More than 90% of architectural firms offer health insurance, and most contribute (even up to 100%) of the costs. They offer more than traditional health insurance. You may be able to add dental, vision, life, and long-term disability to your package.
  3. Work-life Balance. Firms understand that you need time off, and not just when you’re sick. Rather than bicker over using sick days when you’re not sick, the firms are combing personal and sick days into PTO (personal time off) packages.
  4. Retirement. At least 80% of the design and architectural firms offer a retirement program such as a 401(k).
  5. Bonuses. Excited about getting a bonus? Eight of ten firms offer sign-on bonuses, especially in the largest firms. You might not hear about performance rewards because they are not as prevalent.

What else could there be in the way of benefits?

According to recruiters who have discovered some of the best architecture firms for which to work, other offered benefits might surprise you. Architecture and design firms are upping perks to attract the best talent they can find.

If you accept an offer at one of the smaller firms, you might be able to take your dog to work. The firm may have a relaxed dress code or offer treats and meals.

Larger firms may be able to offer you more flexibility in where you do your work. For example, you might be able to work from home a few or most days out of the week. They also may be willing to pay for your professional memberships and continued education.

These more minor perks won’t affect your bottom line; however, they can exponentially raise morale, making you a happier person at work and outside the office, too.

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