Architects and Designers are More Important Than Ever

In the aftermath of this year’s pandemic, architects and designers have never been more important than they are now. Architects and designers serve critical roles in creating commercial buildings that are safe and healthy for the general public, but they also provide value to their clients, particularly during times when the economy is struggling. Below we’ll explore the reasons architects and designers are more important than ever.

The Value of Architects and Designers

The value of architects and designers increases during economic downturns in that talented architects decrease the cost of building projects, while also increasing the efficiency of the buildings themselves. Clients look to architects and designers to improve energy efficiency, create spaces that are flexible, and decrease maintenance expenses. Architects are natural problem-solvers, so they are well positioned to address the concerns organizations have in light of the coronavirus and to come up with effective solutions. This is more true now than ever because organizations around the country have to rethink the entire designs of their buildings and work spaces.

Public Health

Architects and designers play a crucial role in the area of public health. With smart designs, they can increase the capacity of hospitals and clinics, improve learning environments in schools, and encourage healthier lifestyles. In the post-COVID-19 world, ventilation, air quality, humidity systems, and similar design considerations are especially important because clients want designs that promote clean air and reduce the spread of germs. Businesses and other organizations will also want design plans that allow for social distancing in case there is another pandemic in the future.

Workplace Productivity

Right now, clients also care about workplace productivity. Many organizations want designs that balance privacy and collaboration. A skilled architect can design spaces that allow employees to work closely with each other while still providing the privacy necessary for high productivity. Density is a major concern for companies right now. Some companies may be looking to move away from the open office layout because it makes it harder to enforce social distancing guidelines.

As the world rebounds from the global pandemic, the role of architects and interior designers has become even more significant. COVID-19 has forced organizations to think differently about the relationship between design and public health, while the economic impact of the virus has shone new light on the ways smart architects can create more cost-efficient and productive workspaces. If you’re not selling your firm’s unique value in today’s economic and health-focused climate, it’s time to start thinking about how to communicate the value you provide clients.


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