a successful approach to innovation

The modern architecture and design industries move fast and change constantly. It can be challenging to remain innovative enough to stay at the forefront of the field, but you have to if you want to succeed. You need to create an environment where your team can create and experiment freely. This is critical to future success and the best way to weather any coming storm.

Allow for Experimentation

As a leader, you should give your project managers the space to experiment. They need to be able to try out new technologies and procedures. Project managers understand that this type of experimentation can affect budget and completion times, so they are sometimes reluctant to change. You have to encourage them to innovate and make sure they know there won’t be consequences for them if a new technology does not pan out. You won’t stand out in the market if you always stick to the status quo or hold fast to outdated technology.

Make Learning a Top Priority

For innovation to be successful, learning needs to be a priority. It is a balance between understanding what works and doesn’t work. Approach new technology and other experiments scientifically. You have to measure how successful a new process or technology is. Is it something worth investing in? If you discover an innovation that will benefit your firm, you then have to train employees how to take advantage of that process. You can assess how effective a change is by measuring client satisfaction, performance, and completion times…even revenue.


Having a collaborative approach to leadership can facilitate innovation and success. Even the best leader has areas where they excel and areas where they struggle. Collaboration allows leaders to compensate for their weaknesses and magnify their strengths. In addition, if great minds are consistently communication with each other—brainstorming ideas and giving each other feedback—it will lead to greater innovation.

Praise Success

Celebrating success is an essential part of creating an environment that fosters creativity and expansion. Employees feel good when they’re rewarded for their accomplishments. Praising an achievement will encourage the employee to continue trying to find creative solutions and will encourage others to work harder (and smarter). You also want to make it clear that every success is the team’s success. You want them working together to experiment, learn, and improve.

In a fast-paced field like architecture, building a reputation of innovation can be challenging. You have to have solid technologies and procedures, but technology changes quickly. The only way to stay on top of trends is to consistently learn, experiment, and grow.

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