Hiring Manager Tips

As brands are vying for attention more than ever, the role of a designer is critical. As a hiring manager, recruiting top-notch design talent is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. But with a plethora of designers available, how do you discern the extraordinary from the ordinary?

Here are five helpful tips to guide you:

  1. Prioritize Portfolio Over Resume

While resumes can give you an overview of a candidate’s background and experience, a portfolio offers a tangible demonstration of their skills. Here’s what to look for:

  • Versatility: Does the portfolio show a wide range of designs, or is it limited to a single style?
  • Problem-Solving: Look for projects where the designer details the problem they faced and how their design provided a solution.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Ten exemplary designs are better than thirty mediocre ones.
  1. Emphasize Cultural Fit

Talented designers are abundant, but not all will be a fit for your company’s culture. To ensure smooth collaboration and seamless integration into your team:

  • Conduct Behavioral Interviews: Questions that probe past behavior can provide insights into a candidate’s personality and work style.
  • Introduce Them to the Team: Before making a hiring decision, let prospective designers meet the team they’ll be working with. A team’s feedback can be invaluable in assessing cultural compatibility.
  1. Offer Competitive Compensation and Perks

Top talent often comes with higher expectations concerning compensation. To lure the best:

  1. Present Real-world Design Challenges

To truly gauge the capabilities of your candidates, consider giving them a real-world design challenge during the interview process. This:

  • Reveals Their Thought Process: Observing how candidates approach a design problem can offer insights into their analytical skills and creativity.
  • Tests Skills in Real-time: While portfolios showcase past work, a design challenge can test their current capabilities.

However, be respectful of their time. If the challenge is extensive, consider compensating them for their efforts.

  1. Keep Learning and Development Opportunities Front and Center

The design world evolves rapidly. Top designers are often on the lookout for opportunities to refine their skills and learn new ones.

  • Offer Workshops: Regularly offer in-house workshops on the latest design tools and techniques.
  • Provide Course Memberships: Consider subscriptions to platforms like Coursera or Udemy where designers can continuously upgrade their skills.
  • Attend Conferences: Encourage and sponsor attendance to design conferences. It’s not just about learning; it’s also about networking and staying ahead of industry trends. 


Attracting top design talent requires a combination of discernment, competitive offerings, and ensuring a thriving work environment that prioritizes growth.

As a hiring manager, your role is not just to assess the talent that comes in but also to craft an atmosphere where top talent would naturally want to be. By implementing these five tips, you’ll be well on your way to recruiting designers who will propel your brand to new heights. Contact us to get in touch with great candidates.