I am not breaking any ground by posting on the job interview. In fact, I would guess that the amount of job interview blogs and articles on the interwebs rivals the number of cat videos. So why am I doing it?

Because no one is bothering to tell you the unfiltered truth, I will. I believe any interview can be mastered with three simple tips, and they are not what you think. I have been on, conducted, reviewed, participated in, graded, prepped, and trained on more interviews that I can count and what I have determined is that there are three simple things anyone can do to master any interview, be it for a new job, a promotion, or new business.

Know How to Tell Your Story

More than know it, practice it. Share it with family, bore your friends. Know who you are, strengths and weaknesses, inside and out.

Telling your story sounds simple but the key to being able to successful share your story is to engage your audience in your past. First you want to structure your story. Just like we learned in writing class, the story of you should with what you are going to share. Next you share it. The last step is to tell your audience what you shared. You interviewers want substance. They want to know what you have done, both successes and failures. Never, ever talk about what you WILL do, COULD do, or WOULD do. The story of you should be what you have done, did do, and how you were successful.

Put Your Questions Through the “Dumb-Ass Test”

What is the dumb-ass test? If you ask the questions and it sound self-serving. For example: “How much vacation do you offer?” This question is all about you. Never ask questions that only signal “what’s in it for me”.

Questions need as much attention as your portfolio and resume. Before your interview write down three to five questions. Make them impactful. Ask about how success is measured in the first year? Ask about the ability to drive community interaction through the job. Whatever you ask make sure it is about how your skill set and merge, and enhance, the work the firm is doing.

Thank You

This is easy. Express gratitude! Just do it. Send an email. Write an old-school note and mail it. Text a thank you. However you do it, follow up with a thank you. Even if you have no intention of taking the job, still send the thank you. JUST DO IT. If you need an explanation as to why you need to do it, shame on you.