Design technology market trends for 2019.

From augmented reality to 3D printing, innovation is transforming the design technology market. We are capable of doing things we never thought possible twenty years ago. To keep up with these changes, the position in demand are changing as well. Some are changing and expanding, some are totally new and of course, some are disappearing. Here are some of the biggest trends to expect from the design technology market.

Positions in Demand

One of the biggest trends in 2019 and beyond is the increase in demand for product and project managers. Leadership roles are more important than ever. The industry needs creative leaders to build teams and oversee the development of innovative design technology.

Another category that is in high demand is mobile app developers. Think of the new measuring tool on the iPhone. New mobile apps and websites related to design are popping up at incredible rates. There is also a high demand for user experience designers. Specialists are needed to make sure these mobile applications and websites run smoothly and provide users with a great experience.

Other positions that are in higher demand include data architects and technical writers. Information technology and data are huge right now and data architect are needed to provide the infrastructure to support the data. Meanwhile, the more technology advances, the greater the need for technical writers because the technology is going to become harder and harder to describe.

Expansion of Mobility

Another major trend you will see is the expansion of mobility. Mobile integration is a cornerstone of the technology industry right now. People want to have everything at their fingertips. This increased mobility will affect the areas of design and architecture. It will allow clients and customers to take a hands-on approach to design and allow them to participate more fully in the design process. Many mobile developers will be needed to allow for this expansion to take place, so mobile developers are going to be in high-demand for the foreseeable future.

Many designers and architects will be incorporating a wide array of innovative technology in their designs, such as mixed reality, augmented reality, generative design, and more. Developers will be needed to create these technologies and keep them updated.

There are several of areas in the design technology market that are growing right now, but mobile development, user experience, and data architecture are some of the areas growing faster right now. Mobile expansion is really driving a lot of technological advancements right now, thus, it is at the center of the design market.


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