This weekend I was able to check a box off my bucket list.  I attended an Olympic event.  The event was Ice Hockey, Team Russia against the Czech Republic.

Ticket to Ice Hockey

Me in line to the game.

Now I am not a huge Hockey fan but I understand the sport enough to enjoy watching it.  What I found more fascinating were the people who watched it with me.  Being American, and Texan for that matter, it is easy to feel that other country’s support for their team is “cute” and cannot match the patriotism machine that Americans seem to fuel.  Boy was I wrong.  It was so exciting to see the same giant flags, uncomprehendable chants and face paint adoring the Russian and Czech fans.

I also enjoyed Vancouver.  I have been to the city many times, it is just three hours north of Seattle, but this time the city was electric.  People were everywhere and everyone was in a great mood.  Crowds were cordial, I heard please and thank you in every lanquage, and eveyone had a smile.  It was really something to experince.

People in line at the mint.

Long lines were everywhere but no one seemed to mind.

This line of people, yes it does go as far as the eye can see, is for a commemorative coin from the mint, off camera to the left.  These lines were everywhere to get anything from mittens, to hot dogs.

Speaking of mittens, they were THE must have item of the Games.  Those who had them were in fashion and those who didn’t were jealous.

Red Olympic Mittens

Olympics mittens, alternate wearing.

This is as close as I got to having my own pair.

Overall it was a wonderful experience.  It gave me faith that we as a race of people can get along and that we have more in common that we have things that separate us.