#! Tip to market your architecture firm; marketing architecture services

No matter how big or small your architecture firm is, every firm benefits from new ideas to sell services and generate new clients. Any way that your firm can successfully connect with potential clients and foster relationships is a successful tool. Below are three strategies that we have seen to be effective in marketing architecture services.

1. Put Yourself in Your Clients Shoes

Successful business relationships are ones that provide solutions to problems. While you can list off all your services and the many features that come with them, and you can tout your experience, most people make decisions based on who can best solve their problems. To win the business your firm needs to understand the client’s problem and tailor your solution to meet (or exceed) the problem at hand. This takes empathy and old-fashioned research. First, find out what is at issue. This can be done in many ways but the best way is to ask. Then, relate to the client’s needs. More than likely you have had a similar need in your firm. Now that you understand the need, use this common ground to bond with your client. From this understanding you have a framework to discuss your firm and the solutions it provides.

2. Talk About Outcomes

When discussing solutions with a client keep in mind the lighting and color options. Think about the space, what it needs to do, and so on. But also be open to solutions that go beyond the space. How will this space enhance sales, increase productivity and retention. Perhaps the best solution is not even a space at all. Using empathy to help the client understand that you not only understand their need but can provide solutions to solve their problems is critical. Sometimes this is overarching theory about space. Other times is a simple demonstration on color and light. What ever the need, use your firm’s vast capabilities to their fullest. Many clients will understand the outcomes better than theories. Your firm’s ability to demonstrate through drawing or description what an outcome will be is critical.

3. Market Your Brand

Another way to attract new clients to your services is to create a brand around your firm. Emphasis the solutions you have created in the past. In creating a brand, you have to first identify your firm’s expertise, what talents your team has, and what kind of projects your firm is known for. This will help you understand your firm’s identity so you can communicate your brand better to prospective clients. You also want to create a fun and exciting company culture. This will help you establish your firm as a place where everyone wants to do business.

Every architecture firm wants to increase the marketability of their services. The best way to do this is to work on your approachability. You want people to want to work with your firm. If you work on nurturing the bonds you have with prospective clients, create an appealing brand and company culture, and practice empathy you will have an easier time selling your firm’s services.


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