The significant differences between an executive search firm and a boutique INDUSTRY-focused search firm are a personal touch and a deep understanding of the work your firm does. Executive search firms are more prominent and have branches in different geographical locations. They also work across all industries and specialties.

In contrast, boutique search firms are smaller and are focused on one specific industry.  This difference allows for a strong understanding of your firm and your need as well as give access to an active pool of talent you want to hire.

While the argument has always been that both produce the same results, we are not sitting on the fence.

Consistently, boutique search firms have proven efficient and result-driven in finding the best architecture candidate. Not convinced? Here are four solid reasons to use a boutique search firm to find the best architecture candidate.

They Understand That Every Hire is Vital

The way boutique search firms work to find architecture candidates is unique. Since they promise a small number of highly qualified candidates to present, there is an analytical approach that is applied to finding top candidates.

Let us narrow down two of these processes.

  • Taking on a rigorous interview process focused on examining how qualified and skilled the architecture candidates are.
  • Deep dive into candidates’ past working experience and suitability of the architecture candidate for the firm

They Save You Money

Why pay big bucks for a one-size-fits-all approach? Your architecture firm has specific needs and a culture that requires a particular candidate. Boutique architecture and design firms will go beyond just using automated services to get you a group of candidates. They will spend the time to get to know your company and take candidates through an extensive screening process so that you don’t have to.

Get Personalized Attention

With a boutique architecture and design search firm, there is an ongoing client-team-partner relationship. Since finding the best people is all about relationships, it helps to have strong relationships between clients and recruiters. Boutique search firms are all about the personal touch. This helps with communication and finding the best fit for your needs.

Deal With Only Great Candidates

Boutique architecture and design firms will help prepare the selected candidates on how your organization works. The services they provide include interviewing, assessing, and preparing candidates for the organizations they will work for are crucial for qualified candidates. Moreover, this will help make their onboarding into a new workplace smooth, and consequently, their work will be efficient and impressive.

While the reasons listed above for using a boutique search firm are geared towards seeing how it can help you find the best architecture candidates, you must note that their main advantage is their conscious focus on actual placement and not just getting off a pile of requests from their desks.

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