Weekly Round-Up! 2/20/15

By: The DBI Team

Happy belated President’s Day everyone! This week’s round-up of articles from the DBI Team features a pretty cool selection of links from hip vintage light bulbs to self-assembling chairs (Wait, what?!). Check out the articles and posts that we wanted to share with you and be sure to let us know who your favorite President is in the comments (Bonus points if you actually share a picture of yourself dressed as your favorite Prez). Have a great weekend!

Headlines + Articles Of Note This Week:

Should You Become A Global Architect? | ArchDaily
Marigay McKee Is The New Master Of Saks Fifth Avenue | WSJ
Seven Realities That Show We’re At The Tipping Point Of Technology In The Workplace | WorkDesign Magazine
Detroit’s Struggle To Distinguish Between Graffiti And Murals | Archinect
Hospital Wayfinding App Launched At Sarasota Memorial | Medical Construction + Design
Spotlight: Louis Kahn | ArchDaily
Another One Bites The Dust: Giant FBI HQ Building Likely To Be Demolished | Design Feed
MIT’s Self-Assembling Chair Is Really Cool, But Totally Useless (For Now) | Inhabitat
The Alchemist Collection | Hospitality Interiors

See you next week!
-The DBI Team