Weekly Round-Up! 2/13/15

By: The DBI Team

Look out all you superstitious types, Friday the 13th is upon us for the first time in 2015! We don’t have any extra salt for you to throw over your shoulder or tips on how to manage your triskaidekaphobia, but we do have a few cool links that our team wanted to share with you from our browsing this week. Check them out and share your favorite superstition in the comments!

Headlines + Articles Of Note This Week:

Check Out The Latest HD Drone Flyover Footage of the New Apple Campus | YouTube
Milo, Please Draw on Our City Walls Forever & Ever | Doodlers Anonymous
Old French Barn Converted Into Printmaker’s Studio by Modal Architecture | Dezeen
An Interview With Zhang Lei – AZL Architects | ArchDaily
Architecture News 2015: Top 10 Tallest Buildings | Brabbu

See you next week!
-The DBI Team