Website Launch - dbi Rocket Ship

Website Launch! Welcome to the New!

The website, like everything else, has evolved over the last year. It is no longer the static billboard for a company. It is no longer the best and polished side of a firm, a glittery mirage of what you hope to be. In today’s client and customer driven world, the website should be your reality. What your firm is at its core. A glimpse behind the curtain.

It is this spirt that drove the launch of the new DBI website. On the surface, not much has changed. We have outlined our process in a way that will resonate with the design community. Each of us has outlined where we have come from and how we leverage our skills to help our clients and candidates. And we have new pictures! But the new website is more that these cosmetic changes. As we developed our strategy for the new website we wanted one thing. We wanted to make interaction with the firm, all of us, easy, friendly, and fun! While you will see some cosmetic changes that we are very proud of, the real change will be witnessed over time. The real change is yet to be defined. The real change depends on you!

So, while we are excited to announce the launch of our new website, it may be more appropriate to call this an invitation to our new website. Please join us in making a place where we can all learn, educate, and enjoy the architecture and interior design industry.