Over sharing.  My mother always warned against it by tsk-ing to me that “fools names and fool faces always appear in public places”.  Mind you, this is the same mother who now posts every cooked meal, ordered desert, baby picture, and Gin Rummy hand on Facebook!   We have met Big Brother, and he is us!

Enter the next level of self exposure, a real life Truman Show.  It is called the Memoto.  You can view the site here.

Memoto camera image

In reality, this could be a very cool life tracker.  It is  very small, easily clipping on to clothing.  It automatically take photos, two a minute, and has GPS that tracks where each image was taken.  The firm is also developing an app that will correlate the mass of images into a searchable database.  Simply search the date, find the image and post to Facebook!

So why I am posting about Memoto?  Yes, I think we will see a great deal of this little camera in the future, if the company gets funding.  What interests me is the larger application, beyond tracking your life.  What a gold mine of date this little device holds!  Who would want this information?   How could it be used and how can the information be monetize?

Now, to be clear, Memoto is secure and will not be selling any information, as far as I can tell.  What I am talking about is aftermarket use.  Perhaps Google could use the technology to create a user customized museum walk through?  Perhaps virtual, interactive stores can be created on-line, giving a more immersive shopping experience to the customer?  Simply type in the item you want and off you go, “walking” through the store (replete with ads if course) until you reach the virtual rack with your item.

I have posted about Treads in Retail before.  My posting from March 13th (you can view it here) addresses how the brick and mortar experience can be made to feel more virtual.  Could Memoto be the reverse?

I guess only time will tell.