tech trends; current trends in the technology market

Technology is a fast-changing market that is always in a state of transition. This is true in the area design technology even more so. Some of the most prominent trends right now are the growth of AI, automotive and mobile technology, the increased use of digital media and augmented and virtual reality. These trends will have broad, long-lasting effects on the technology market, effecting the way everyone interacts with the real and virtual world.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning are multiplying faster than most people can keep up with. Artificial intelligence is becoming more affordable to implement, so we will see more and more companies incorporate AI. You will also see more companies developing mobile platforms to engage and interact with their customers. AI will be used for virtual assistants, to simplify manual labor, as well as other application we don’t know yet. Some jobs will be made obsolete because of artificial intelligence, while other jobs will be created. Overall, with rudimentary task out of the way, the work for will be able to focus on bigger problem solving.

Companies are relying more heavily on digital media to expand their businesses. The proliferation of AI and other technology has made it easier to market with digital media. From the AI that Tesla has integrated into their automobiles to BMW’s self-driving cars, this technology is transforming the way people interact with technology. Soon your car will be able to tell when you are having a heart attack and call 911 for you. The opportunities are endless. Companies will continue to need tech professionals with deep development and coding backgrounds as well as technology writers, developers, and data architects.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality are also transforming the industry. Companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, HBO, Netflix, and Disney have been experimenting with augmented reality for some time. Augmented reality has many implications in architecture. For instance, virtual tours will become extremely realistic. Developers will be able to design unique spaces that can give you a virtual, once-in-a-lifetime experience right from your living room. If you’re building a house, you will be able to see what the interior design looks like before making commitments, choosing finishes in the virtual world makes for a more efficient and economical project. It will even change the way we shop by combining elements of online shopping with physical shopping.


Mobile apps have already transformed the way people interact with the world around them, and this change will only continue. From mobile payment apps, to streaming services like HBO Go, mobile apps have become an extension of ourselves. We rely on them to do almost everything. We will see apps become more customizable. We will also see technology become more interactive. Cars will be able to interact with phones. TVs will interact with tablets. All mobile technology will soon be able to communicate with each other. The internet of things. This will change everything because our technology can communicate with each other faster than we can communicate with each other. This has the potential to make technology faster and safer.

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