We have all been there.  You are in a meeting and you feel the familiar buzz of your Blackberry in your pocket.  You have a new email.  Is it the important client accepting the bid?  Is the house on fire?  You know what happens next.  You spend the next ten minutes thinking of a way to get your phone out of your jacket without being noticed.

inPulse may have a way of weening you off of your addition to your Blackberry.  Well, at least make it less obvious.

Handfree Blackberry Watch

All that Blackberry is on your wrist.

The InPulse extends the functionality of your Blackberry.  By connecting to your phone via BlueTooth it instantly alerts you to incoming email, text messages, tweets, calender alerts and incoming calls.


The inPulse interface is easy to read and colorful.

I can see myself using the inPulse in many ways.  It is a great way to check my Blackberry without offending.  It will allow me to check incoming messages while driving.  If my phone is in my bag and I cannot hear it ring, I will more than likely hear the inPulse.  I think it is safe to say I am very excited about this product.

The inPulse is not on sale yet but you can pre-order it here.