I love watches.  This is a fact known to anyone who has read my blog.  I have peppered these virtual pages with watches that I have wanted, admired or would sell my right hand for.  This watch may fit into the latter category.

Wrist watch, Hermes

Designed down to the smallest details.

Selling for a wallet draining $15,000 this watch is for those rich enough to have a person walk behind them telling the time.  None the less, even the filthy rich want to look good.

The watch is designed by French architect Marc Berthier (Visit his design firm here). The watch has a very masculine square face, a titanium case and AR-coated sapphire crystal as well as a rear window to view the Swiss perfection.  It is resistance to 30 meters.

Back window to the Swiss design.

A very masculine watch

They say fashion should be aspirational.  I see this watch and totally understand that phrase.