The key to success.

The key to success.

Here it is, the secret to my success.  Through my many years of recruiting I have attended countless meeting, developed slick marketing materials, hosted interesting open houses and managed busy recruiting booths.  While all of these are key parts of my business and fun to do, none have directly effected my bottom line as much as this simple black phone.

I make sure I make time for phone calls everyday.  This does not mean everyday is easy.  Picking up the phone can be hard.  Why?  Because of all the “no’s” out there.  I don’t like hearing “no” any more than the next person.  I get on the phone everyday because I feel that each “no” I hear is just on more closer to “yes”.

So how do you change a “no” into “yes”?  The first step is to always be positive and courteous.  “No” is a buying sign, it is a request for more information.  Exploit that request.  Always be prepared to answer the “no” you get from a hiring manager or human resources department.  If a company tells you they don’t use outside recruiters, ask why.  Dig deeper into the reasons they giving you, this helps you understand their needs and sets the foundation for a great relationship.  More than likely you can help the company, you just need to know how.  Get them to tell you.

It is also important to be open to not working with a client.  If you feel that you cannot help a company or they cannot help you graciously move on.  Use these types of calls to network.  Before you get off the phone make sure they know who you are and understand what types of candidates you represent.  More than likely one hiring manager knows another,  who knows another and so on.   You would be surprised how a professional conversation, regardless of the outcome, leads to new business.

So look over at your phone, do you see the opportunity represents?  All you have to do is pick up the receiver and dial.

Good luck.

David Brown
David Brown Recruiting