The Herman Miller Setu Chair.

The Herman Miller Setu Chair.

I am ever searching for the perfect chair. My perfect chair is first and foremost comfortable. I am tall so my chair needs to fit my large frame. I want my legs level with the ground and feet flat when I am seated. I also want a tall back that supports me at all times.

My perfect chair also must look fantastic. I want it to make my suit look sharp when I am sitting and I want it to look like sculpture when I am not. Because of this I have been sitting in Herman Miller chairs for years.

I have just come across this chair on the Herman Miller web site. It is called Setu. Here is what they say about the Setu chair:

“The first thing you’ll notice once you sit in Setu? Nothing. There’s nothing to tilt, nothing to tweak. It’s mathematics in place of mechanisms. From the moment you sit down, you and the chair move as one. It’s form and function working together in harmony. It’s elegance in the name of performance. Design for how we live and work now.”

Does anyone have one of these chairs? If so, I would love to hear what you think of it.