“Fortunes are NOT made in the boom times….That is merely the collection period. Fortunes are made in depressions or lean times when the wise man overhauls his mind, his methods, his resources, and gets in training for the race to come.”

– George Wood Bacon

Part of my daily routine involves an hour of self improvement.  I usually spend the lunch hour reading a book or taking an on-line webinar relevant to recruiting, engineering, design or all three.  Self improvement is very important to me.  As I grow my business and work to establish myself as a leader in my field, my continued self education becomes even more important.  I cannot possibly know everything, ever, thus I train myself.

I know it can be hard to get motivated to self-train since there are so many things that we perceive to be a priority as we do our job.  I am writing today to encourage you to take some time for yourself; take a class or read a book.  Even one hour a day can make a world of difference.

This recession will end, they always do, and when it does it will not be business as usual.  The game is changing and now is the time to prepare for it.  Will you be ready for the race to come?