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Not all architectural and design job seekers are looking to work in a new firm. Some want to get promoted to another position within the same firm.

So what are the best ways to get promoted in the architecture and design industry?

Four best ways to get promoted in the architecture and design industry

To get the promotion you’re after, you’ll have to prove that you’ve got what it takes as a high-performing employee in four essential areas: technical, architecture, communication, and talent:

  1. Technical skills – Be consistent, have strong communication, be open-minded, and be accountable. Be strategic regarding your work and how you handle a project. Be on time. Be versatile
  2. Architecture – Learn and study constantly so that you become known as more than a designer. You are a problem solver. Career advancement goes beyond the ability to execute creative designs. Work within and outside the structure of the firm. Learn how to bring in money, attract top talent and share with others. Be ingenious in your solutions.
  3. Communication — moving into a leadership position requires exceptional communication skills. You can explain concepts succinctly and clearly and are also an excellent listener.
  4. Talent — Be a people person and put your attention where it matters most: your team’s talent. It’s easy to become so focused on the job that you forget one of the firm’s most important assets: its people. Network and find the strengths in others on your team or outside your firm, to enhance your skill, teach you or mentor you. If you’re known as a collaborator, you have a far better chance of being promoted. Don’t stop there. Make contacts across the industry and outside as well. For example, you may be a designer but connect with vendors and educators.

Career advancement pursuits don’t stop with TACT (technical skills, architecture, communication, and talent). Seek continuous feedback so you can serve others. In everything you do, create value.

You don’t have to change firms for an advanced position

If you love where you’re working but are dissatisfied with your current role, consider building an upward career path where you are.

The above strategies are some of the best ways to get promoted in the architecture and design industry. They’ll make you attractive to upper-level management and recruiters looking for passive talent.

If you don’t already have the skills, now is the time to get started. New opportunities await you.

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