Project Architect in Seattle


What drives a Project Architect?   Some would say sustainability. Some find passion around pushing the design envelop forward.  Others find joy in bringing old designs new life.  But what is at the core of all of this?  What is the true passion of the Project Architect?

It is the ability to influence people through their creations!

DBI’s new client in Seattle is doing just this.  Located on one of the beautiful piers out over the Puget Sound, our client is hiring a Project Architect into their growing studio.

Our client is a design forward architecture firm that has grown its success through focusing on the client’s needs while using their creative nature to solve challenging and unique design problems.  Working across commercial, public, new construction, renovations, and planning projects, the firm is designing spaced that influence people every day.

If you are looking for an opportunity that will push your design skills, leverage your project understanding, and allow you to see design and projects from start to finish, reach out to us and discuss this Project Architect role.  Tyler Cassara is leading this search and would be happy to share the details.  You can reach Tyler at [email protected].

In the past ten years there has never been such opportunity for Project Architects to drive their own career like there is now.  Leave your job and find your career!  You can truly find the right next step in this hot market.  Don’t miss the chance.  Reach out to Tyler today.