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Architecture and design typically appeal to many professionals who are detail-oriented and creative. Considered both practical and artistic, architecture satisfies a craving to create something tangible and unforgettable.

Until recently, the industry centered mainly around traditional design solutions. However, new architectural and design industry hiring trends lean toward technology and commercial projects.

As a result, Gen Zs, the youngest professionals entering the workforce, are finding themselves attracted to design. They have an affinity for technology and appreciate the opportunity to redefine commercial design and construction. They also like the flexibility that comes with this career.

Diverse Hiring Trends in the Architecture and Design Industry

If you haven’t already been thinking about where the industry is headed next, it’s time to start looking at these five trends for hiring designers and architects.

  • Technology is dominating the industry.

    Once considered advanced technology, CAD has been a part of architecture for some time. Today architecture is witnessing expansive growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Realtiy/Virtual Reality (AR/VR). It’s also in automotive tech and mobility (mobile platforms like phones, tablets, apps, etc).

  • Companies are expanding their businesses with digital technology services.

    With technology making almost anything possible, designers are pushing the envelope to integrate technology into more facets of our lives. Trends include self-driving cars (think Tesla and BMW) for improved mobility and sensor-activation of vital signs. For example, a program called Reach Nowidentifies uses 360-degree technology to see if you’re experiencing a heart attack and calls 911 for you.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality are changing how people work and live. 

    Many companies, including digital retailers like Amazon and entertainment businesses (HBO, Disney, Netflix) are creating virtual spaces. Designers and architects create the ultimate “try before you buy” experience, so users take tours or experience real-time shopping from home. Orders placed for souvenirs or purchases made can be delivered within four hours.

  • Mobility is going mainstream. 

    Phone apps, for example, require tech talent with deep coding and development backgrounds to stream HBO on your T-Mobile device or TV. Tech writers, developers, and data architects are making it possible to access anything anywhere — any time and from any device.

  • Architecture is focusing on commercial projects. 

    The housing market has been cooling off as more people look for ROI. Investors seeking portfolio diversity are looking for hospitality buildings, high-rise structures, and corporate commercial projects. As a result, designers have begun focusing their attention on hotels, mixed-use buildings, boutique-crafted restaurant experiences, and lifestyle accessories (rugs, wallpaper, furniture).

If you’re ready to explore the latest hiring trends in the architectural and design industry, reach out to a professional recruiter who can help you discover some of the talent interested in a design career.

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