Here at DBI, we are swamped! We require great candidates, which is challenging because we are also in a candidate-friendly market. Now more than ever, we have to accommodate our candidates’ needs if we want the best candidates to choose to work with our firm. Because of this, we have been forced to adapt to stay relevant in the job market.

We have come up with four fantastic hiring tips to help our clients not only find the best candidates but hire and retain them during this red-hot job market.

4 Hiring Tips For Today’s Job Market

Not only are we in a candidate’s market, but most of the candidates aren’t in the market for a new job. So, not only is it a candidate’s market, but it’s a candidate’s market with a fraction of what the market pool typically looks like. This makes things even more challenging for firms to find what they are looking for.

Still, these four hiring tips should really help to make things easier during this type of job market.

Knowing What You Do Well (And What You Don’t)

This is one of the most popular questions among candidates during the hiring process. They want to know what you do well as a firm, but (potentially), more importantly, they want to see what you don’t do well.

As a firm, you need to articulate this exceptionally well. The firms that are clear and genuine in their response will win the candidate almost every time.

Have a Deep Understanding of Your Culture

Aside from what your firm does and doesn’t do well, learning about your firm’s culture will be another high point on every candidate’s list. You have to know what your “why” is.

Why do you do what you do? But also, what do you do for your employees?

Candidates today want to know that they will be treated as well, if not better, than the customers you serve at your firm. Of course, candidates can see culture as soon as they step into a firm for an interview.

Articulating your culture to potential candidates is one thing, but being able to see that culture in action throughout the firm is a different thing entirely. They also want to know how you plan to evolve moving forward as a company!

Those that have a visibly strong workplace culture and articulate it well during interviews will win the candidates.

Have Crystal Clear Metrics For Success

Today’s candidates are also inquisitive about how you will measure their success. They want to know that their time is valued, so they look for firms with growth opportunities.

It might sound like the candidate is jumping the gun, but they want to know that they won’t be stuck in that position for years on end when they accept a position. The candidates of today need progress. They need to know that your firm will give them opportunities to strengthen their career as they help maintain your firm’s success.

For today’s candidates, working for a firm is very much give and take. They want to see that they will be given the same energy they put into their work.

Do Not Hesitate

The last tip is easiest for the firms that can clearly articulate the aforementioned tips. If you know what kind of culture you have and what you want that culture to evolve into, you know what you do well and what you don’t do well, and you can articulate your metrics of success to candidates clearly, then the only thing left for you to do is have the confidence to say yes or no to potential candidates!

Don’t hesitate to present an offer to a candidate or to tell someone they don’t seem like the right fit for your firm. It’s hard enough to find candidates. Have the confidence to keep the ball rolling and snag that perfect candidate for your firm!

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