Is happiness enough?

DBI is a global recruiting firm focused on the Architecture and Interior Design Industry.  Each year we place candidates across the globe, supporting their career growth and goals.  Of course, we love what we do and enjoy seeing our candidates flourish as they join exciting firms and further their careers.

But we don’t work with everyone.  And while this is fine, it would be impossible to work with EVERYone, there are those we know would benefit from talking about their career but we get stopped in our track with two words:

I’m happy.

I believe that happiness is not enough.  Happy in your job is stagnation in your career.  Your job should be challenging, satisfying, and rewarding, you need more than happy.  I challenge you to really think about the role you are in.  If you are happy, it is time for something new because you have hit a dead end.

And now is the time to do change.  Candidates have the opportunity to find a job they love, at a firm they respect and earn what they are worth.

So, are you happy, or stuck?  Check out the video to find out.