DBI is Proud to Support Archispeak

DBI is Proud to Support Archispeak

Last year we featured ‘6 Architecture + Design Podcasts You Should Be Listening To’ here on the DBI Blog. Today, we are proud to be able to say that we are sponsoring one of our absolute favorite podcast on that list: Archispeak.

Listen to the first DBI sponsored episode:
Episode #85 – Go Punch Some Architecture

Listen to the latest DBI sponsored episode:
Episode #86 – I Quit!

Archispeak is an architecture podcast designed for architects. Whether you are pulling all-nighters in architecture school, slugging it out in the trenches as a practicing architect, or just a serious geek for all things architecture (like us), the Archispeak podcast needs to be in your playlist. Your hosts Evan Troxel, Neal Pann, and Cormac Phalen bring their individual experiences in architecture together with an honest approach to deliver some deep-diving, industry focused conversations you can’t find anywhere else.

If you are already an Archispeak fan, keep listening and supporting the show. If you have never heard the Archispeak podcast before, we would like to invite you to help us celebrate our sponsorship of Archispeak in the month of April by giving the podcast a try!

Learn more about the Archispeak podcast and check out an episode with these links:

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iTunes: HERE
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Archispeak Website: HERE

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Donate: HERE
Shop the Archispeak Store: HERE

Join DBI in supporting the Archispeak Podcast and tell us which episode is your favorite in the comments!