My name is David Brown and I am a recruiter.

I have been recruiting for 15 years and have a great passion for my job.  My passion comes from connecting the right person to the right opportunity .  Throughout my career I have connected all types of people to all types of opportunities.  Making that connection never gets old.  I still get excited on a candidate’s first day.

This desire to connect people to careers they love is why I started my own recruiting company and why I started this blog.  I welcome you to share my many ups and downs as I start my business.  I know I will make mistakes and hopefully learn from them.  I know I will also have great successes and moments of growth, both as a company and as a person.

I created this blog to share my journey and my passion and to start a conversation about recruiting.  I welcome your feedback and lessons learned.  I also welcome your encouragement and support.  This blog is about connecting people, developing a community and sharing ideas so join in the conversation.


David Brown