Like many of my age group, I own music on every media created. If I had to, and let’s hope I never have to, cull out my collection what would remain would be my electronic music and my records. While I love the clunky 8-track and the cassette is easy to store there is something special about the crackling, spinning record.

Thankfully I have a reason to spread all my records on the floor, drop the needle and stare for hours at the musky album covers.

Record Player, Records, Corsley

Small, easy to use and digital.

The Crosley’s Revolution™ turntable is truly a wonderful creation.  It is battery-powered Crosley turntable with two-speeds.  It also features, and this is the really cool part, a USB hookup for easy analog-to-digital transfer.  The turntable also comes with dual headphone jacks, dynamic full range stereo speakers and a carrying case.