The best part of our job is seeing the amazing work our industry creates.  One of the best ways to do that is Instagram.  Here are five Architecture Instagram pages we are obsessed with right now.

  1. Architecture_minimal (

Why we love it!  Living the mantra that less is more.  We love seeing the impact of clean, simple, curated design through the images.

  1. Architecturefactory (

Why we love it!  Residential design at its best.  Check this page out and be inspired about your own home, dream or otherwise.

  1. Architecturedotcom (

Why we love it!  This is the Instagram page for RIBA.  They share some interesting projects and content from every project type.  It will quietly remove an hour from your day.

  1. Architizer (

Why we love it!  Architizer is still a great place to see some of the most interesting projects from around the globe.  Shell and Core to Industrial Design, it is all here.

  1. Archinecthq (

Why we love it!  Archinect is one of our favorite sites, and their Instagram page is no different.  Each day starts with a coffee and a tour through this Instagram page.