Interview Questions
You’ve recently been accepted to the interview round for the architecture job you’ve always wanted. The only challenge – in this highly competitive field, you may be only one of many candidates who will be interviewed for the same position.

How can you increase your chances and impress the hiring team? Any great firm will tell you it all comes down to one thing: preparation.

Here are architecture interview tips and common interview questions that you should be ready to respond to in an interview.

Common Architecture Interview Questions and Tips

What do you have that no one else does?

When a firm asks this what they mean is “what extra thing(s) can you offer that makes you unique from others?”.

Our tip? Asides from compiling the conventional things that Architects tend to have in their CVs and cover letter, which is an absolute must, it is essential to mention the areas where you shine; whether it is in designing or renovating buildings (not compulsorily within a limited scope), so much that even if it is a common thing, you should prove that you do it better. Therefore, emphasize your greatest strength.

What are some examples of your work that you are proud of?

Interviewers are not wowed by the B. ARCH.s and M.ARCH.s.credentials alone. They want to see that you can efficiently do what you claim to do.

After showcasing your greatest strengths, showcase your previous designs. Now, here is the trick. Dare the interviewers. You can ask them to share with you a common challenge that they face at their firm so that you share your approach. Interviewers love it when applicants are ready to show how they can make a difference right away.

How do you deal with demanding clients?

This is a common architecture interview question. Clients expect a lot from architects. They want buildings with breath-taking but subtle aesthetics. In fact, the demands from clients maybe some of the most challenging parts of the job.

The bottom line is that customers are a priority. Here is our tip: you should expound on how you can listen objectively to the demands of clients, work hand-in-hand with them, and present their projects at every single progression phase. This will help eliminate every difficulty that may be encountered in the process of executing the project.

Why Architecture?

This is not only a common architecture interview question but a general interview question. Interviewers know that jobs get frustrating at a certain point. However, they want to know what will keep employees pushing on despite difficulties encountered.

Now, use this architecture interview tip: Agree that there are difficulties, then, get personal. Tell a story of what motivated you to love architecture so much and why you get so excited to do the job in spite of the challenges.

Interviewers can instantly tell when applicants are not passionate about architecture but are only looking for financial security. Be clear on why you are pursuing the role and be ready to articulate it to the hiring team.

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