3 TEDx Talks on the Future of Architecture

3 TEDx Talks on the Future of Architecture

The practice of architecture sparks an endless range of discussion and debate that ventures beyond the surface of design into issues of social, economic, and global importance. These 3 TEDx talks delve into concepts that challenge current trends and thought on sustainability, design identity, and the industry as a whole. Enjoy these engaging and no doubt important TEDx Talks from Rosa Sheng, Jenny Bevan, and Andre Brown on what architecture could become in the not too distant future.

Equity in Architecture | Rosa Sheng

Rosa Sheng, Senior Associate at Bohlin Cywinski Jackson spoke at TEDx Philadelphia on the personal sacrifices that come with practicing architecture today and the challenges facing the Equity by Design movement. Equity by Design is an organization founded by Sheng that is focused on making the equitable practice of architecture a reality and communicating the value of design to society.

Our Disposable Architecture | Jenny Bevan

Charleston-based designer and partner at Bevan & Liberatos, Jenny Bevan, speaks on issues of durability and sustainability in modern American architecture. Bevan used her talk at TEDx Charleston to explore old ways that could lead to new paths for creating modern works of architecture that could survive centuries rather than just decades (if that).

The Future of Architecture | Andre Brown

Inspired by Chinese President Xi Jinping’s call to end the trend of “weird architecture” in his country, Professor Andre Brown spoke at TEDx Suzhou on modern innovation and the direction of architecture globally.

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