16 01, 2024

How To Provide Interview Feedback

By |2024-01-16T09:58:48-08:00January 16, 2024|Leadership|

Sharing feedback with a candidate after the interview is critically important. This process does two things.  First, gathering feedback on the candidate from your interview team helps you decide if the candidate is the right fit for the position. Second, it allows the candidate to better understand how their skills [...]

13 10, 2022

Design+Dialogue: Four Tips to Ace a Design Interview

By |2022-11-23T10:04:03-08:00October 13, 2022|Interviewing|

Design interviews can be complex.  Sharing skills, presenting designs, and relating taste levels can be challenging at the best of times, let alone under the pressure of an interview. In the Design and Dialogue, I share four tips that will help you ace your next design interview.

29 03, 2022

Candidate Feedback is Critical

By |2022-10-20T13:10:48-07:00March 29, 2022|Architecture, Blog, UI/UX|

Gathering feedback after you have met the candidates in the qualifying meeting is important. Receiving and delivering candidate feedback helps you decide if the candidate is the right fit for the position. Do you move forward or reject the candidate? Does the candidate possess qualifying skills and aptitude for the [...]

15 02, 2022

The Best Interviewer Tool For Any Interview Situation

By |2022-10-20T13:10:49-07:00February 15, 2022|Architecture, Blog, UI/UX|

Every interviewer has to have a set of tools in their arsenal. In the architecture and design industry, there is one specific tool that, when executed properly, can mean the difference between hiring ideal candidates and hiring people that aren’t the best fit for the position. This tool is called [...]

8 02, 2022

Why You Need an Interview Team

By |2022-10-20T13:10:49-07:00February 8, 2022|Architecture, Blog, UI/UX|

Work cultures have seen dramatic changes since the pandemic. COVID-19 enabled employers and employees to think about their values and make changes in their professional lives. Unfortunately, while some changes led to positive outcomes, others negatively impacted the architecture and industry. According to research, the pandemic resulted in the loss [...]

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