23 02, 2022

Design+Dialogue: Build an Awesome Interview Team

By |2022-02-23T10:45:25-08:00February 23, 2022|Design + Dialogue|

Building an awesome interview team is THE BEST tool for finding top talent in today's market. The market for talent across all industries is very competitive but none more so than in the Architecture and Interior Design industry.  Our industry is still feeling the sting from so much talent leaving [...]

8 07, 2020

Design+Dialogue: The Interview is Dead 3.0

By |2020-07-08T13:32:07-07:00July 8, 2020|Design + Dialogue|

In this last installment of why the interview is dead we talk about the feedback stage.  This is critical in evaluation of candidates.  Hint: it all relates back to the first step! If you want to catch up, the two previous steps are here: The Interview is Dead: The Interview [...]

7 08, 2010

Does Your Firm Have a Jedi Council?

By |2018-08-29T16:26:48-07:00August 7, 2010|Business, Firm Managment, Interviewing|

Definition: The Jedi Council was a group of twelve wise and powerful Jedi Masters elected to guide the Jedi Order. I admit it.  I love Star Wars.  Well, at least the first three movies.  These movies had a strange and powerful influence over the boy I was in the late [...]

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