16 06, 2022

Is Happiness the Most Important Thing for Your Job?

By |2022-10-20T13:10:47-07:00June 16, 2022|Architecture, Blog, UI/UX|

Some architecture and interior design candidates assume that being content with their current role means they have reached their career goals.Is happiness the most important thing for your job? The answer is no; happiness is not enough.

20 05, 2022

Design+Dialogue: Is Happiness Enough?

By |2022-10-20T13:10:47-07:00May 20, 2022|Architecture, Blog, UI/UX|

Is happiness enough? DBI is a global recruiting firm focused on the Architecture and Interior Design Industry.  Each year we place candidates across the globe, supporting their career growth and goals.  Of course, we love what we do and enjoy seeing our candidates flourish as they join exciting firms and [...]

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