20 09, 2022

Hiring Trends Dominating the Architecture and Design Industry

By |2022-09-22T08:49:56-07:00September 20, 2022|Design|

Architecture and design typically appeal to many professionals who are detail-oriented and creative. Considered both practical and artistic, architecture satisfies a craving to create something tangible and unforgettable. 

15 09, 2022

Elevate Your LinkedIn Using These Tips for Job-Seekers in Architecture and Design

By |2022-09-22T08:48:20-07:00September 15, 2022|Branding|

LinkedIn is one of the first places many people go to learn more about you. An up-to-date page detailing your experience is what recruiters look for when seeking candidates.

8 09, 2022

How to Draft a Professional Resignation Letter for Designer Jobs

By |2022-09-22T08:46:13-07:00September 8, 2022|Design|

Ghost quitting isn't fair to the company, but sometimes it's not a choice. If your work experience with the design firm has been positive and you've enjoyed working with the organization, why not ask for help instead? If that's not an option, your final choice may be resignation.

9 08, 2022

Leaders Don’t Dodge Conflict in the Workplace

By |2022-08-08T07:51:04-07:00August 9, 2022|Leadership|

Many leaders turn the other way for a good reason when conflict arises. Conflict is unpleasant. Most people avoid disagreements at all costs because they cannot bear to be considered "that mean person," or they fear saying something they'll regret. 

26 07, 2022

What You Should NEVER Say in an Architecture and Design Interview

By |2022-07-20T09:33:25-07:00July 26, 2022|Interviewing|

Once you land your job interview, you'll probably start thinking about everything you want to tell your potential employer -- about your experience, the skills you've learned, and your career aspirations. Here's what you should leave out.

19 07, 2022

How to Stay Positive When Your Job Search Stalls

By |2022-07-20T09:30:32-07:00July 19, 2022|Job Search|

Many candidates say that searching for a job is much harder than the work itself. Always upbeat, you put in hours each week scouring job postings, applying for positions that seem like they could be a match, checking your phone to see who wants to reach out for an interview, and then going to those interviews. You even follow up with a personal thank you note.

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