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22 09, 2020

Sharpen Communication to Improve Employee Engagement

By |2021-04-07T06:27:48-07:00September 22, 2020|Architecture, Blog, Business, Employer Branding, Interior Design, Interviewing, Leadership|

Think back to before the Pandemic started (I know, it seems like last year) but go with me. Were your employees engaged? Did they truly participate in the firm? Did they understand the firm goals and strategies? Did they care? Now think about those same employees today. Are you at [...]

15 09, 2020

Internship Secrets

By |2021-04-07T06:27:43-07:00September 15, 2020|Architecture, Blog, Interior Design, Job Search|

As architecture recruiters, we don’t want COVID-19 to get in the way of students entering the profession. But the pandemic continues to impact our industry as firms strategize how to continue their internship programs while keeping everybody safe. Although some employers chose to cancel internships, others were able to offer [...]

8 09, 2020

COVID-19 and Climate Change: What We’re Learning

By |2021-04-07T06:27:35-07:00September 8, 2020|Architecture, Blog, Business, Interior Design, Trends|

If there is a silver lining to come out of this recent health threat, it could be that we are learning more about what the pandemic shares in common with climate change, along with some proactive steps that we can take to reduce the negative impacts of both. Let’s review [...]

8 07, 2020

Design+Dialogue: The Interview is Dead 3.0

By |2020-07-08T13:32:07-07:00July 8, 2020|Design + Dialogue|

In this last installment of why the interview is dead we talk about the feedback stage.  This is critical in evaluation of candidates.  Hint: it all relates back to the first step! If you want to catch up, the two previous steps are here: The Interview is Dead: The Interview [...]

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